Business Directory

About Our Company

Business Directories was established in 1993. In 1993 the internet was none existent for advertising so the company started with The Transact Book,the book was the form of advertising for businesses and their Advertising listings.

By 1998 we came to the conclusion that there is a very big demand for Business Listings on directories in South Africa that is available to the general public, so that's when we decided to start Business Directories online.

We are now operating more than 16 years with very good success to all our clients that is advertising with us.


Our service/s that is offered here with Business Directories is a Publication Internet Listing on our fully functional websites. We do a listing in full colour with logo's and pictures for a period of 18 months continuously.

We do not ask any monthly payments as all our rates is once off and Vat Included. All our listings is done according to what the client wants and we strive to excellence